John Guest® Polypropylene Shut Off Valves

Item NumberTypeDimensionsQuantity
PPSV040808WIn-Line Valve1/4" JG x 1/4" JG

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PPSV041212WIn-Line Valve3/8" JG x 3/8" JG

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PPSV010822WIn-Line Valve1/4" JG x 1/4" Male NPTF

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PPSV011223WIn-Line Valve3/8" JG x 3/8" Male NPTF

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PPSV501222W90° Tank Valve3/8" JG x 1/4" Female NPTF

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These valves are manufactured in white polypropylene with food grade EPDM ‘O’ Rings for use with potable water.

The valves are not to be used with compressed air, explosive gases, petroleum spirits and other fuels or for heating systems.

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