About FilterOne

FilterOne is a provider of high-quality water purification systems and supplies for the water conditioning industry with a great focus in providing filtration solutions to the food service industry.

FilterOne products are designed to improve the quality of food and beverages, remove harmful particles and contaminants, and reduce water-using equipment maintenance costs and downtime.

From filtration systems to fittings, our product line continues to grow. Our customers rely on FilterOne as their one source for pure products. We stock hundreds of items from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry.

FilterOne was founded in 2002. Its goal is to provide high quality Filtration Systems, Fittings, Parts and Related Accessories to the Food Service Industry as well as other water related industries. FilterOne specializes in providing water filtration and installation solutions for ice machine, beverage and steamer equipment.

Ron and Andy Spellins formed FilterOne to provide the Food Service Industry with an alternative high quality filtration system comparable to that of other manufacturers at a competitive price. Ron began building filtration systems in 1984 as a wholesale ice machine distributor. His goal was to provide his ice machine dealers with an alternative filtration system at an aggressive price. Ron also began using his systems on company owned leased ice machines as an effort to reduce overall costs.

In 2002, with a proven system, they began marketing their filtration systems under the name of FilterOne to ice machine distributors and dealers across the country. Ron and Andy continue to use their FilterOne systems on company owned leased equipment to date.

FilterOne also provides quick connect fittings and flex tubing. In a continual effort to reduce equipment installation time in the service industry, FilterOne turned to G.A. Murdock, John Guest and Seatech manufacturers to help solve lengthy water related equipment installations. With Rons extensive experience in food service equipment installations, FilterOne offers reliable installation solutions guaranteed to reduce installation time.

From 1984 until now, they continue to innovate and provide quality solutions through customer input and industry experience. FilterOne strives to satisfy customers with superior quality, value and service.

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