Watts® GAC & KDF55 Cartridge

Item NumberO.D.LengthMediaCapacity (gals.)FlowrateQuantity
GAC10N/KDF2-1/2"9-3/4"KDF 55 + GAC (.75 lbs. KDF)25001.0

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Coconut shell granular activated carbon + 0.75 lbs. KDF-55 for longer life and enhanced chlorine reduction in municipal water.

KDF 55 process medium is an effective chlorine removal agents that may be used in point of entry municipal water supplies. KDF 55 is ideal for whole house water treatment and in commercial buildings to reduce chlorine in municipal water with concentrations up to 5 ppm.

Warning: Do not use cartridge with water that is microbiologically unsafe or unknown quality without proper disinfection before or after the cartridge.