ION Water Dispenser

Item NumberWater Temp.Dimensions (W x D x H)Net WeightElectrical SupplyCold Water CapacityHot Water CapacityQuantity
901Cold, Ambient13" x 17" x 16.1"36 lbs.120 VAC8 GPHN/A

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902Cold, Hot13" x 17" x 16.1"36 lbs.120 VAC8 GPH2 GPH

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ION™ – an appliance that replaces all the bottled water you could ever drink.

One CarbonPlus™ filters the equivalent of 8,000 16 oz. water bottles!

Standard Features

  • InstaChill™ – Every glass instantly chilled and dispensed
  • CarbonPlus™ – 1 Micron Carbon Block Filtration system
  • SaniTouch™ – Keep Hands away from faucet
  • PureAlert™ – Filter Monitor
  • LeakPrevent™ – Prevents internal leakage with inlet valve
  • ChildLock™ – Requires hidden button to dispense water; user-settable
  • SleepMode™ – Saves energy when room is dark
  • Removable Drip Tray – Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Removable Faucet – Easy to clean dishwasher safe


  • Base Cabinet – With Cup Dispenser
  • C02 Tank 5 lb. – Carbonates 55 gallons of water (210 liters)
  • C02 Tank 10 lb. – Carbonates 110 gallons of water (420 liters)
  • C02 Regulator Assembly – Attaches directly to standard C02 Tanks; preset to 80psi (6 bar)
  • LeakGuard™ – Sound audio alarm in the event of internal leak


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Product Warranty
Natural Choice Warranty
Cold Water Capacity based on 70°F inlet water and 41°F outlet, 8 ounce draw/minute. Hot Water Capacity based on 70°F inlet water and 185°F outlet, 6 ounce draw/minute.