G.A. Murdock In-Line Ball Valves

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G06006153/8" Female NPTF3/8" Male NPTF

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G06206153/8" Mur-lok®3/8" Male NPTF

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G06206253/8" Mur-lok®3/8" Mur-lok®

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G08208251/2" Mur-lok®1/2" Mur-lok®

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G04204051/4" Mur-lok®1/4" Female NPTF

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G04204251/4" Mur-lok®1/4" Mur-lok®

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G.A. Murdock’s competitively priced, high quality plastic ball valves have the following features:
– Exclusive 1/4 turn lever with safety collar
– Standard materials: PVC with EPDM seals
– 0-150 p.s.i. pressure rating
– 33° F -140° F temperature rating
– Mur-lok® Fitting with Dual O-ring

Literature & Spec Sheets G.A. Murdock In-Line Ball Valves

Installation Instructions
Mur-lok® Fittings Installation Instructions

Specification Sheets
Mur-lok In-Line Ball Valve Spec Sheet
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