FilterOne™ CMax® Carbon Scale Filters

Item NumberDimensionsFlowrateMicronCapacityQuantity
MAXETW-975S2-7/8" x 9-3/4"1 gpm53000

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MAXETW-20S2-7/8" x 20"2 gpm56000

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MAXS-975S2-7/8" x 9-3/4"1 gpm56000

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MAXS-20S2-7/8" x 20"2 gpm512000

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MAXCL-975S2-7/8" x 9-3/4"1 gpm0.520000

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MAXCL-20S2-7/8" x 20"2 gpm0.545000

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FilterOne™ applies a Siliphos scale inhibitor to the CMax® Carbon Block cartridges to add scale inhibition for ice machine and other food service applications. Carbon Block cartridges reduce dirt and sediment, fine particles and chlorine taste and odor. The number one choice for your ice machine application.

*Other applications available upon request. Call (888)-829-2781 for more information.*